ReGaurd Amniotic Membrane

REGUaRD Membrane is a human allograft processed from healthy placental tissue. This human tissue has been tested at multiple points in processing to insure healthy, clean, safe membrane that contains collagen substrates, the full range of growth factors and the extracellular matrix.

This membrane is rich with the basic components necessary for tissue generation. Providing an Anti-Microbial environment as described in several peer reviewed articles1, Anti-Inflammatory characteristics as noted by Jackson et al. 2, with Anti-Adhesion/Anti-Fibrotic capabilities as noted in several studies most notably Parolini et al. 3

With these capabilities and characteristics this human allograft membrane is useful in a variety of surgical specialties:

  • Orthopedic Surgery – Augment tendon, fasciae, ligament and capsule repair. 4,5,6
  • Neuro Surgery  Dura supplementation and repair, nerve wrapping to reduce risk of entrapment or adhesion. Creation of nerve wrap to repair injured nerve bundles.
  • Spinal Surgery – Reduce scarring, and fibrosis. Reduce risk of nerve entrapment when used as anti-adhesion barrier. 7
  • General Surgery – Hernia repair, protect nerve, reduce scar formation, adhesions, augment tissue repair.
  • Urologic Surgery – Supplement surgical repair, use in prostatectomy as a nerve wrap to reduce risk of adhesions / entrapment.
  • Burn Specialists – excellent topical wound therapy, as anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and reduce scarring.8
  • Wound Specialists – excellent topical wound therapy, provides a healthy anti-microbial, regenerative wound environment. 9
  • Dental Surgery – post procedure topical wound covering, potential to resolve gum insufficiency. 10
  • Plastic Surgery – reduce scarring, fibrosis, adhesion, tissue barrier, supplement to name a few types of uses in this wide-ranging specialty.

REGUaRD Membrane is obtained from healthy donors who have volunteered to donate their placentas, after undergoing elective cesarean delivery. Each donor has submitted their past medical history and social history for medical director review. The donated tissue is collected aseptically, then tested at the time of collection, then again before processing and cleansing, then again after preparation and once again a percentage of our units per USP standards are selected for testing. Our REGUaRD membranes then undergo Gamma Sterilization. We have developed our procedures based on ISO 13485 guidelines and the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) regulations and standards.

As the Amnion (innermost layer of the placenta) protects the fetus during development, REGUaRD Membrane provides the same to injured or traumatized tissue. We remove the Chorion to reduce the risk of graft-host reaction, as the Chorion has been known to contact maternal agents 11. That is why we remove this layer and only utilize the inner fetal layer. This maximizes the potential benefits of amniotic membrane only, in a variety of medical and surgical specialties.

Additionally, it has been shown in a multitude or research papers that Amniotic Membrane is immunologically privileged. 12,13

REGUaRD Membrane comes in a variety of sizes to facilitate use in each of the medical and surgical specialties. From 1cm x 2 cm in the dental and wound world to 10cm x 10cm for burn treatment and other large areas of injured tissue. The hydromembrane is sterile in saline, protected between a blue mesh on the fetal side and white mesh on the Wharton’s Jelly side. The regular membrane is dry and also protected between a blue mesh on the fetal side and a white mesh on the Wharton’s Jelly side. Either side can be applied to any tissue style.

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