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A Simple Approach to Regenerative Medicine

Our vision is to provide access to industry leading regenerative medical products. We offer hands on training to institutions and medical doctors in which to help develop a personalized regenerative medicine track for a broad range of degenerative conditions.

Highest Quality Assurance

As a global leader in allograft tissue implant and matrix material, we provide the highest quality product.

Professional & Friendly Staff

We strive to provide a positive and influencial experience while providing exceptional service.

Safety is Our Priority

Our highest priority is to provide safe, effective allograft tissue to perform therapy.

Our Products

As a global leader in allograft tissue implant and matrix material, we provide the highest quality product and ongoing product support.

Minimally Manipulated Allograft Fluids

RELeV is with proven regenerative potential. The components in amnion are intended to maintain regenerative tissue processes.
Other Products :

Demineralized Bone Matrix

Derived from allograft tissue our ReFuze DBM products are intended for use in bony void fills that are not essential to the stability of the bony structure. They can be used alone or combined with our regenerative medicine products.

Demineralized Bone Matrix Strips

REFuZE Fiber Consists of 100% demineralized cortical bone. REFuZE Sponge Strips have the open, porous structure of cancellous bone while also being compressible and elastic with the properties of a sponge.

Amniotic Membrane

REGUaRD Amniotic Membrane is a human allograft processed from healthy placental tissue. It has been tested at multiple points in processing to insure healthy, clean, safe membrane that contains collagen substrates, the full range of growth, factors, and the extracellular matrix.

Regenerative Medicine is Our Passion

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